What are the best practices for managing the battery life of an electric car?

Are you the proud owner of a new or used electric vehicle (EV)? Are you concerned about the battery’s range? While battery technology is becoming more efficient, there are various habits you should adopt to make the most of your EV’s battery life. In this blog post, one of our OCTO Auto Service Plus mechanics shares the best practices for better managing the battery life of your electric car.

Watch the tire pressure

Did you know that battery power and tire pressure go hand in hand? Underinflated tires can increase your car’s rolling resistance. This means that your vehicle needs more energy to maintain a consistent speed. Save energy and travel further by keeping your tires properly inflated.

Manage the cabin temperature

During winter, plan your trips ahead of time and start your car’s heating system while it’s plugged in. This way, you’ll draw energy from the charging point instead of the battery. Also, turn off the heating system while driving and use the heated steering wheel or seat warmers when necessary. Similarly, use your car’s air conditioning system wisely in summer to conserve energy.

Adjust your driving

Driving smoothly isn’t only safe, it’s economical. Hard acceleration and frequent braking consume a lot of energy. Adapt your driving habits to the conditions. If driving in the city, slow down and anticipate more frequent braking. Consider activating your car’s “Eco” mode on the highway to regulate your speed and improve fuel efficiency.

Charge up before you run out of power

Don’t wait until your car’s battery is completely depleted before charging. Over time, this can damage the battery, reducing its efficiency. Most electric vehicles have an ideal range when the battery level is maintained between 20 and 80 per cent of its capacity. However, charging your battery fully before a long drive is best.

Travel light

Luggage, bike, and roof racks can increase drag and make your car less aerodynamic, consuming more energy. Remember to remove accessories that you rarely use. Your car battery will thank you!

Rely on OCTO’s expertise to maintain your electric vehicle

Do you want to save energy all year round? Make an appointment at your nearest OCTO Auto Service Plus repair shop to ensure your EV remains as efficient as possible.

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