Services and Mechanics

Our expert technicians at OCTO Auto Service Plus have a thorough knowledge of mechanics and have the latest tools to offer you maintenance and repair services.

Our experts will find the source of the problem and will provide a solution that meets the requirements of the car manufacturer. Their work is guaranteed!

Oil and cooling liquids

The engine is the heart of your vehicle. Taking care of it is vital to ensure the proper functioning of your car.

Engine oil and coolant are both essential and indelible to the health of your vehicle’s engine. In fact, poor lubrication is one of the main causes of engine wear and damage.  

At the same time, engine coolant plays a key role in protecting this mechanism. It regulates the engine temperature and works as an antifreeze during extremely cold periods. It should be noted, however, that coolant becomes less effective over time. Therefore, it is important to have it regularly changed.

You can count on the experts at your local Auto Value Certified Service Centers to check the viscosity of your engine oil as well as the oil and coolant levels every time you visit our repair shop.


When should you have your engine oil changed?

Regardless of the season, whether it is summer or winter, it is important to regularly check the engine oil level. Refer to your owner’s manual, as each vehicle has its own recommended maintenance schedule. However, on average, you should have your oil changed every two to four years.

That being said, we recommend that you have it topped up at least once a year and especially before a long trip.

If you are uncertain about the state of your engine oil, do not hesitate to book an appointment at your nearest OCTO Auto Service Plus. Your mechanic will be happy to check your car’s fluid levels.