What steps are involved when storing your car?

Have you recently purchased a nice car, like a convertible, which you’ll need to store for the cold season? In this blog post, your OCTO Auto Service Plus family mechanic explains how to store your vehicle properly. Follow this guide.

Step 1: Submit a storage request

When you put your vehicle in storage, you can temporarily suspend its registration and insurance and receive a partial refund for those fees. The first thing you must do is submit an official request to the Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec, either in advance or on the day you plan to store your car.

You have three options:

  1. You can do so online by logging on to SAAQclic and selecting the “Putting your vehicle into storage or taking it out of storage” service. If you’re having trouble, you can watch this detailed instructional video.
  2. You can do so in person by going to a SAAQ service outlet with your driver’s licence or other official photo ID and the registration for the vehicle you want to store.
  3. You can do so in person by visiting one of CAA-Quebec’s registration centres.

Step 2: Notify your insurance company

Contact your car insurance company to update your file. This could save you money on your annual premium.

Step 3: Make sure the storage location is appropriate

You must choose a safe and legal place to store your vehicle. This could be a yard, garage or private property. In other words, it’s strictly prohibited to park on a public street. Once you’ve found the perfect warm and dry place, you can move on to the final step.

Step 4: Prepare your vehicle for storage

Before saying goodbye to your vehicle for several weeks, you must do a few things to prepare it. Here are some tips from the experts:

  • Bring your vehicle to the car wash or clean it by hand to remove dirt and contaminants.
  • Make sure the gas tank is about three-quarters full to prevent condensation from forming.
  • Disconnect the battery or, if possible, use a smart charger. This will ensure your car will start when you need it.
  • Check and adjust your car’s tire pressure, if necessary.
  • Cover your vehicle with a protective sheet or tarp.

Rely on OCTO’s expertise to prepare your car for winter

Before putting your car in storage, visiting a repair shop is a wise decision.

Request an appointment at your nearest OCTO Auto Service Plus family mechanic for peace of mind during the snowy months while you wait patiently for the pleasure of driving your car again under the warm spring sun.

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