5 filters to change on your vehicle

Vehicles are an impressive mix of parts and systems, some of which are surprisingly simple and others that are highly sophisticated. Even the seemingly mundane components must be carefully examined by a professional, such as the mechanic at your nearest OCTO Auto Service Plus. Our team has put together information about the five most essential filters that must be changed to keep your car in good condition for as long as possible.

  1. Engine oil filter

When changing your car’s oil, you may notice that the engine filter is clogged with dust and debris. This means it’s doing its job! In fact, failing to change your car’s oil filter can cause some of the engine’s mechanical parts to wear out prematurely. For this reason, make sure to replace yours at the recommended intervals. Do so more often if you regularly drive on dusty roads.

2. Transmission oil filter

This filter is typically found in vehicles with automatic transmissions. It must be replaced every time the transmission oil is changed. However, you should have this filter checked more often if you often haul heavy loads.

3. Air filter

A clean air filter saves fuel, optimizes the cabin’s heating and defrosting system and prevents the ventilation system from spreading bad odours. Ask your mechanic to check this filter periodically and replace it if necessary.

4. Cabin filter

This essential filter ensures the air you and your passengers breathe is as clean as possible. Changing this filter on time is critical if you suffer from pollen allergies or have a family member with asthma.

5. Fuel filter

Last but not least, your fuel filter can affect your engine’s performance if it’s dirty or damaged. Ask your mechanic to replace it according to the manufacturer’s recommended intervals.

Regular professional maintenance is the key to a healthy vehicle

If you notice unpleasant odours coming from your car or suddenly need to fill up your tank more often than usual, visit your mechanic without delay. They’ll check the condition of your car’s filters and replace those that need to be changed to extend the life of your vehicle and avoid costly repairs. Make an appointment at your nearest OCTO Auto Service Plus repair shop today. Your satisfaction and safety are our priorities.

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